Distortion by Christina Mortellaro – Third Prize Winner in the 10th Annual Student Poetry Contest

The feeling crashes into me like a wave,
It’s unexpected yet not unknown,
I am familiar to the stabbing pain
That pounds in my head behind my eyes.
The distortion of reality begins once more.

I pick up a glass and heave it against the wall.
The glorious twinkling sound resonates in my
I breathe in deeply and repeat.
Shards everywhere.

The wave knocks me over again,
I reach out to find salvation.
My arm grasps the soft pillow that held my
tears and sorrow.
I violently shake and hit it against the wall.
Feathers everywhere.

As I stand the memory pushes me down
and my mouth tastes my own saline.
It reminds me of the sea and I’m drowning once
I kick the door but it will not budge.
I jerk and pound like those noises in my head.
It will never end. I’m knocked down to the ground.

Enraged and enthralled my destruction begins.
It pulls me to familiar places
Where my hands took the knife and struck.
Blood everywhere.

I look around my shattered world.
There is nothing but dirt and sand
When the waves leave me alone.
I lie down on the floor and stare.
When will it come back and
What will there be left to break?

Daddy by Laura Neri – Second Prize Winner of the 10th Annual Student Poetry Contest

Staring at a drop of water
Makes me remember a time when time
And innocence were abundant yet not apparent to me.
Hand in hand we stood smiling as rain caught in our
And dripped off our upturned noses
While in wonder we watched lightning sear the sky.
Sunny summer memories of pin-wheeling so fast
My feet lost the ground
And so dizzy they could not find it again.
And you
Tossing me into the air
And for a moment
Feeling like I’d never come down.
And I didn’t have to
Until I grew up.