Summer Sessions Start!


Tuesday, May 29 is the start of full summer session, summer session 1 and online courses.

  • Full summer session runs from May 29 through August 11
  • Summer session 1 runs from May 29 through June 30
  • Online courses that start on May 29 also run through August 11

Questions about your courses should be directed to your instructor.

Summer session 2 will run from July 9 through August 11.

For registration or withdrawal information, check the list of dates and deadlines. Be sure to pick the “part of term” that applies to you.

Dates and Deadlines

Calendar iconIn any semester — a full 16 week semester or a shortened 5 week Winter semester — there are a wide variety of dates and deadlines that students should know something about.

This is just a sample of the dates you should be aware of:

  • tuition due dates
  • last day to register for a course (with and without signatures)
  • dates where you can withdraw from a course and still get at least a partial tuition refund
  • last date to withdraw from a course and get only a “W” on your transcript
  • date you are required to be still registered for a course to ‘earn’ your financial aid
  • due date for Certificate of Residence

All of these dates vary, depending on both the semester and the part of the semester of the specific course.

Many of these dates are for your benefit. Sometimes, it’s better to withdraw from a course rather than earn a poor grade. And if you don’t turn in a Certificate of Residence by the due date, your tuition will be doubled. If you register for a course too late, you may have missed critical course material and our job is to point out what you need to do to catch up.

Dates and deadlines are always posted on the college web site and you should check those dates regularly, whether you are having problems or not. Knowing those dates and deadlines may be helpful to someone else!

Check out the full list of dates and deadlines on the college web site here:

Questions about dates and deadlines? Check with your Academic Advisor!