2018 Scholars’ Symposium Winners

2018 Scholars’ Symposium Winners

  • Award for Excellence in Computer Science–Cameron Bennage “In a Game of Battleship, Can The Computer Be Better Than You?
  • Award for Most Global in Perspective–Airi Hayasaka “Otaku–The Differences in Otaku Culture Between Japan and the U.S.”
  • Award for Most Global in Perspective–Miranda Schiller “What Is Home?”
  • Award for Excellence in Sustainability David Fenn, Timothy Frew, Gaia Fukuzato, Andrea Kirsch, Stacy Mullett, Anthony Nickel, Kera Pfieffer, Christian Pierre-Louis, Meghan Potter, Maura Rogers, Jacy Sero, Timoty Slivinski, Summer Storms, Javin Williams, “Sustainable Still Life”
  • Award for Photographic Artistic Excellence–Kasey Edgerton “Visions of You”
  • Award for Excellence in Mental Health–Amanda Pahuta “Unflattening My Prison”
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching & Education Xochitl Rosario “Communication with Infants, Toddlers, and Adolescents”
  • Award for Best Poster–“Back Pain? Maybe Your  Backpack  is to Blame” Breda Castaneda, Norbert Ortiz-Perez, Casey M. Swartz and Laura Whitcroft
  • GSA Award–Cole Rogers “I ______You; My Generation”
  • Award for Excellence in Creativity–Cole Rogers”I ______You; My Generation”
  • Award for Best Oral Presentation–Cameron Bennage “In a Game of Battleship, Can The Computer Be Better Than You?

Award for Overall Academic Excellence is sponsored by the Creative Writing Club

  • Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice–Jamie E. Englerth “Solitary Confinement: Is it a Necessary Evil?”
  • John Gardner Literary Award–Alexis Hackmer “A Dark Light”
  • Excellence in Literary Arts–Brock Nahalka “Luck of the Draw”
  • Excellence in Poetry–Cole Rogers “I ______You; My Generation”
  • Excellence in Narrative–Kasey Edgerton “Visions of You”
  • Excellence in Craft & Form–Anna Lena Adams “What is Art”
  • Judges’ Choice–Amanda Pahuta “Unflattening My Prison”

Thank you to everyone for making the Scholars’ Symposium a success!


JoNelle Toriseva & Scholars’ symposium Committee

Scholar Symposium — Seeking Proposals

Scholar Symposium logoShare your ideas in a presentation, poster, reading, art or performance.

Submit your abstract at: https://www.genesee.edu/home/events/scholars-symposium/submit-abstract/  Abstracts are due February 19.

Categories include:

  • Fast Pitch (5-6 minute presentation of your business model to a panel of judges)
  • Reading of Creative Work (15 minute reading of poetry, prose, fiction, or hybrid work)
  • Research (15 minute oral presentation; 30 minute oral presentation)
  • Research (Poster) (Presenters must prepare a 2-3 minute talk about their topic to share with interested parties. Presenters must stand/sit near poster for 60 minute session.)
  • Panel Discussion (30 or 60 minute)
  • Presentation of Experiential Education Experiences, Internships, Field Work, Travel (15 minute descriptive oral presentation includes Q&A; or a poster/portfolio presentation)
  • Work in Progress Reading of Creative Work (WIP) (5 minute reading)
  • Studio/Visual Art (Show a collection or piece of art)
  • Theatrical Performance Music Composition (20 minute performance)
  • Dance Choreography (20 minute performance)
  • Film Production/Theatrical Script (20 minute performance)
  • Pecha Kucha (7 minute oral presentation: 20 PowerPoint slides for 20 seconds each)

We look forward to seeing your work or seeing you in the audience on March 29th, 2018!

The Scholars Symposium is your opportunity to expand horizons, hone presentation skills and engage in our collective brain power for all to enjoy and to appreciate.

For further information go to: http://www.genesee.edu/events/scholars-symposium/

If you have questions, please contact JoNelle Toriseva jrtoriseva@genesee.edu 585-343-0055 ext. 6627; Karen Huffman-Kelly, kshuffmankelly@genesee.edu 585-343-0055ext 6148; or Garth Swanson, GPSwanson@genesee.edu. 585-343-0055 ext. 6291 for more information.