Organizing your Blackboard Course Listing

If you’ve been around for more than a semester, your course list in Blackboard can be quite annoying. An alphabetical listing of courses from multiple semesters doesn’t make it easy to find this semester’s courses.

Fortunately, there’s a way to manage that. I’ve put the documentation on our help desk web site here: 

The best part is being able to take older semesters off of the page, so that only the current semester is showing!

You can’t break anything! Go ahead and try it!

Blackboard Maintenance Schedule

BlackboardlogoAs of January 17, these are the known maintenance dates for Blackboard. During this time, no one will have access to Blackboard.

  • Monday, February 20, from 7 AM to 7 PM. This is the President’s Day holiday.
  • Wednesday mornings from 4 AM to 7AM; reserved to be used without advance notice.

President’s Day

The work performed on President’s Day will be all day and if you gain access to Blackboard during the day, you may be cut off without notice.

Faculty have been informed of this work; if there are assignments or other work due that day (or the next), be aware of the scheduled down time.

Additionally, the Library, the web site and email will not be available.

The college is working on a system to allow for Blackboard access when other on-campus maintenance is going on, but, well, we need maintenance time to install some of it. Hopefully, this is the last or next-to-last time that Blackboard is offline because of on-campus system maintenance.

Wednesday mornings

If you were not aware, Genesee’s Blackboard is hosted at Open SUNY. So we’re “in the cloud” as you would say.

As a result, we don’t always get to say when their Blackboard maintenance will happen. They Open SUNY folk reserve Wednesday early mornings for ‘routine’ work, although they are very polite and try to warn us. But there may be the occasional re-boot or minor work performed during that time.

When Open SUNY will be performing major system work (i.e. work that will take the system offline for more than an hour), they do give at least a week’s notice *and* post a notice inside the Blackboard system.

So it’s worth your while to watch for those system notices. I’ll also post notices here, as we learn about them.

If/when other dates are scheduled during the Spring 2017 semester, I’ll post that here, also!

Have a great semester!

Student Training Options for Blackboard

If you have questions or need help in working with the new Blackboard, try any or all of these.

Videos on using the various tools:

The self paced tutorial (well, how to sign up for it!):

The recording for the Technical Webinar we hosted last week:

If you’re in Batavia, you can come to T207 for assistance also!