Getting Technical Help

While you are a student at Genesee, you will be required to use a number of different forms of technology. While we make an effort to keep it relatively simple, that doesn’t always work.

When you have problems with a computer, a couple of things you can try in most situations:

  • try working in another browser; if you’re using Chrome, try Firefox or Internet Explored
  • clear cache; if you don’t know how, there is information on clearing cache and cookies on our Help Desk web site

If that doesn’t do it, we have online, in person, email and phone options.

help desk logoOnline

Go to the Help Desk web site and use the search feature to try to find an answer. Problems and questions common to GCC are on that site.

In Person

Computer Services staff work in the Open Computer Lab (T207) of the Batavia Campus. Staff there will assist you with most problems (although we cannot help you with many problems related to personal computing devices). The staff there can reset passwords on the spot, assist you with Blackboard navigation and refer you to other staff on campus as needed.


Send an email to and someone from Computer Services will get back to you. That email is watched closely from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday and occasionally on the weekend.

During the work week, we’ll get back to you within a short time to help you as we can. On the weekend, we may not get back to you until Monday, depending on your problem.

Because we really don’t know who you are from an email address, we will not give out username or password information through email. We will refer you to the phone option for that.


The Help Center phone is 1-866-614-5004 — PRESS 1 — and the staff there will verify who you are (birth date and address) and help you get logged in. If you’re in front of a computer when you call, they will walk you through logging in and wait to make sure the login worked.



Tutoring and Proctored Testing


The college has an array of free tutoring services available to assist all students.

Tutoring in the summer may be slightly limited, but assistance is still available. You simply need to ask!

  • In Batavia, go to the Tutoring Center (D207) and talk to the staff there about getting help.
  • At a campus center, talk to the staff in the office about what kind of help you may need and they will help find you a tutor.
  • Online, check the online tutoring options that will be listed.

Summer sessions fly by, so check for assistance the moment you think you might need help. In fact, if you’re taking a subject that you know you will need help with, schedule that first tutoring appointment now, before summer classes even start!

Proctored Testing

testing logoSome online courses will require you to take proctored tests. Check your syllabus carefully for testing requirements, and ask questions of your instructor.

Ask those questions now, if you are at a distance from Genesee and will need to make special arrangements for proctored testing.

In Batavia and at the Campus Centers, hours are set up for proctored testing. Information on testing hours is on the college web site and updated regularly. Be aware that you need proper identification to take a test.

Also, plan your time properly. You need to be finished with your test by the time the location closes. The staff will not be allowed to let you stay beyond the scheduled closing time.

Another good idea is to call ahead, especially to campus centers, to confirm the testing hours.

Final Grades For Spring 2018

Genesee does not mail grades at the end of a semester.

Grades will be available inside myGCC/Genesis one to two business days after grades are due from faculty.

Grades are due from faculty at noon on Friday, May 18, which means that students should be able to see grades at some point on Tuesday, May 22 — usually in the afternoon.

If you have never looked for your grades, our help desk site does have instructions on how to find your grades.

Questions about the grade itself (or about any missing grades) should be sent to the instructor.

Students who have holds (for tuition payment, overdo library books or other reasons) will not be able to see their grades. Click on the Holds link in Banner Self Service to find a phone number to call, to see what you need to do in order to clear up the hold.

Warning about Scam (Phishing) Emails

Recently, a phishing scam at SUNY at Buffalo tricked a number of students into revealing financial information and diverting tuition refunds to unknown persons. While we are not currently aware of a similar attempt at Genesee, you do need to pay attention to all email that come to your inbox. To that end, there are a number of good practices you should follow.

When in Doubt, Don’t

Don’t just click on a link or give out personal information until you look twice at the link and/or the site URL. If it looks at all odd, don’t use the link in your email. Instead manually type the URL and see if you end up in the same place. Manually typing the URL is the best way to verify a website or link. If you don’t end up in the same place, the message may have been an attempt to steal your information.

Use Complex Passwords and Update Regularly

You will be reminded to update your Genesee password every 6 months – that’s to help protect you!

To update your GCC password –

  • Go to the college web site, then to Genesis.
  • Look for the link to “Update an Existing Password”.
  • Do the SIGN IN option and update your password.
  • Set up the Security questions so you can reset your password on your own! (REMEMBER to update all of the passwords in your mobile devices.)


Forward any message you might be suspicious of to and we’ll be glad to take a look at it for you.

If you have other questions, please feel free to email the


New Help Desk Web Site

The help desk web site, found at has a new look and layout.

The updated site is a WordPress site, which allows for easier updating, cleaner look and accurate search functionality.

The Help Desk web site host information on a wide variety of technical topics including email, network accounts, Blackboard, mobile devices, Banner and other subjects. There is a new Help Desk form for reporting problems to the help desk, as well as a new suggestion box form.

If there are topics that should be on the help desk that are not, we encourage you to use the suggestion box form so we can make sure the help desk site meets everyone’s needs.

The new headers were provided by the Marketing Communications department.

Donations Needed!

We need your help!!

Part of our mission within Student Activities and College Village is to supply our students with service projects multiple times each semester. One way we do this is by putting on a Service for a Slice program each month where students help with the designated service project (on campus) and then they are supplied dinner! In October, our service project will be to help the Sole Hope Project. Their core purpose is to effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities. Please take a look at the website: We are having what they refer to as a Party for a Purpose!!

With that said, we would like to ask for your help! Please donate blue jeans you no longer need and cleaned out milk/juice gallon containers. These two items will be used to cut out the materials to use for making shoes!

You can drop off these items at Student Activities until Tuesday, September 29th.

Thank you for your help.

If anyone would like to set up one of these Party for a Purpose programs within their departments please let me know and we can do that as well!


Ellen Brokaw
Assistant Director-Residence Life
College Village/Genesee Community College

It is as it was!! SW