Cyber Security Fair – October 3

The Computer Services, Career Services and Student Activities departments at Genesee Community College have collaborated to present the GCC 2018 Be Cyber Aware Fair in recognition of National Cyber Security Month. The Be Cyber Aware Fair will take place on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in GCC’s Batavia campus William W. Stuart Forum.

Cyber security fair logo

GCC’s students, staff and faculty are invited to join selected experts, representatives and area business leaders to explore how and why it is essential to safeguard online activities and assets in today’s ever-changing and increasingly complex techno-sphere.

During the Be Cyber Aware Fair, participating students, staff and faculty will earn tickets while gathering valuable information and more from the many presenters’ booths. Those tickets may then be redeemed for free pizza and prizes (GCC dining dollars and College Bookstore swag)!

“The resourceful departments at Genesee Community College are working hard to enlist various GCC student clubs and campus offices, as well as cyber security experts, to help educate everyone on the necessary precautions all online users should be taking,” Greg Brooks, Computer Services technician at GCC said. “This fair will showcase a variety of topics ranging from identity theft to searching and removing malware, cyber-bullying, thoughtful netiquette on social media sites and much more.”

Among the table-top presenters are Nina Buonarola from GreyCastle Security, John Dorak from Noyes Health, Tory Dombrowski from TakeForm, the GCC Records Office and the GCC Education Club.

Careers in cyber security will also be an important topic at the Be Cyber Aware Fair as the shortage for skilled cyber security employees remains a serious problem for today’s employers in nearly every industry.

For more information, contact Marketing Communications Associate Director Donna Rae Sutherland at (585) 343-0055 ext. 6616, or via email:

Seeking Nomination for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award

As you may know, SUNY has created an Excellence Award in Adjunct Teaching. Last year we honored Carol Geiselmann and Ray Boucher. We are now calling for nominations from the college and community for our 2019 honorees. Faculty, staff, and students may submit nominations for this award, but the nominee must meet the criteria outlined below. We have developed a Google Form to take nominations. No more nominations will be accepted after Fri. Sept. 28th, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

To nominate someone go to:

Let me stress that the quality of the nomination profoundly influences the thinking of the selection committee.  Please reflect on the criteria below and directly address how your nominee meets these.

The Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence are System-level honors conferred to acknowledge and provide system-wide recognition for superior professional achievement and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of continuous academic excellence.  These programs underscore SUNY’s commitment to sustaining intellectual vibrancy, advancing the boundaries of knowledge, providing the highest quality of instruction, and serving the public good.  All nominations should include a statement outlining how the prospective nominee meets the following criteria.

The primary criterion is skill in teaching.

Teaching Techniques and Representative Materials – There must be positive evidence that the candidate performs superbly in educational environments.   The nominee must maintain instructional policies that adapt readily to student needs, interests and problems.  Mastery of teaching techniques must be demonstrated and substantiated.

Candidates’ evaluations of students’ work must be strongly supported by evidence. When available, student evaluations (in the form of student questionnaires administered and compiled by persons other than the nominee) may provide a clear idea of the nominee’s effectiveness in teaching.

Additional consideration, as appropriate, may be given to:

  • Outstanding support for the intellectual growth of individual students;
  • Demonstrated use of relevant contemporary data from their discipline(s) in their teaching. Evidence may be scholarly and/or widely recognized experience in the field;
  • Number of students per course; and
  • Different teaching techniques employed.

Eligibility Criteria Specific to the EIAT

  • Nominees must be Adjunct Faculty as generally defined by the specific SUNY institution. Individuals serving in full-time professional or academic positions at a SUNY institution are not eligible for this award;
  • Nominees must have taught, over the proceeding five years, a total of courses equivalent to one-half of a three-year full-time teaching load in the appropriate department (a minimum of 45 credit hours over five years);
  • Nominees may also serve in adjunct roles at other educational institutions; and
  • Nominees must be employed by the nominating campus at the time of the nomination.

There are also circumstances that preclude nomination regardless of the program.  The following are special conditions that limit eligibility and these restrictions apply to all programs:

  • Individuals holding Distinguished Faculty Rank:  Distinguished Librarian, Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Service Professor and Distinguished Teaching Professor – may not be nominated for an Excellence Award in any of the categories;
  • Recipients of an Excellence Award may not be nominated for another Excellence Award within a five-year interval;
  • Recipients of an Excellence Award may not be re-nominated for an award in the same category;
  • The chief campus officer for academic, student, or administrative affairs, or persons serving in these capacities, may not be nominated for an Excellence Award.  Other exclusions include the following as well as other comparable titles:  Direct reports to the President or Chancellor, Vice Chancellors and above, Vice Presidents and above, Vice Provosts and above, Senior Counsels and above, and the Deans of the College of Ceramics at Alfred University and the New York State Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, of Human Ecology, of Industrial and Labor Relations, and of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University; and
  • Posthumous nominations are ineligible.

No more nominations will be accepted after 11:59 PM on Friday, Sept. 28th, 2018.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Derek Maxfield at

To nominate someone go to:


Information for All Students

The “Information for All Students” page of the help desk web site is a list of information you may or may not need right now.

What it is, is a reference list of a number of things that may be useful to you at some point in the semester.

Included in the list are:

  • the college bookstore
  • campus safety
  • course withdrawal
  • health center
  • library
  • student code of conduct
  • cheating and plagiarism
  • smoking (as in, there is none!)

It’s useful to look through the list, just in case you ever need that information!

Summer Sessions Start!


Tuesday, May 29 is the start of full summer session, summer session 1 and online courses.

  • Full summer session runs from May 29 through August 11
  • Summer session 1 runs from May 29 through June 30
  • Online courses that start on May 29 also run through August 11

Questions about your courses should be directed to your instructor.

Summer session 2 will run from July 9 through August 11.

For registration or withdrawal information, check the list of dates and deadlines. Be sure to pick the “part of term” that applies to you.

Tutoring and Proctored Testing


The college has an array of free tutoring services available to assist all students.

Tutoring in the summer may be slightly limited, but assistance is still available. You simply need to ask!

  • In Batavia, go to the Tutoring Center (D207) and talk to the staff there about getting help.
  • At a campus center, talk to the staff in the office about what kind of help you may need and they will help find you a tutor.
  • Online, check the online tutoring options that will be listed.

Summer sessions fly by, so check for assistance the moment you think you might need help. In fact, if you’re taking a subject that you know you will need help with, schedule that first tutoring appointment now, before summer classes even start!

Proctored Testing

testing logoSome online courses will require you to take proctored tests. Check your syllabus carefully for testing requirements, and ask questions of your instructor.

Ask those questions now, if you are at a distance from Genesee and will need to make special arrangements for proctored testing.

In Batavia and at the Campus Centers, hours are set up for proctored testing. Information on testing hours is on the college web site and updated regularly. Be aware that you need proper identification to take a test.

Also, plan your time properly. You need to be finished with your test by the time the location closes. The staff will not be allowed to let you stay beyond the scheduled closing time.

Another good idea is to call ahead, especially to campus centers, to confirm the testing hours.

myGCC? What’s that?

You may have noticed at the top of the college web site, that the link to Genesis now says “myGCC/Genesis”

mygcc link

And, in fact, that the familiar Genesis logo has been replaced.

Genesis logo

has been replaced by:

myGCC logo

Genesis has been our portal for a number of years now, and it’s more than time to update the information, add new information and retire some things that really are no longer important.

The new look is also more accessible to users who need to use screen readers or assistive technology to use our web site.

Students should see new pages inside Genesis now, faculty will see new information in July and all other employees will see new information starting in August.

We’d love to hear from you, to tell us what you think. Please send an email to and tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what’s missing, what we could do better!

Dates and Deadlines

Calendar iconIn any semester — a full 16 week semester or a shortened 5 week Winter semester — there are a wide variety of dates and deadlines that students should know something about.

This is just a sample of the dates you should be aware of:

  • tuition due dates
  • last day to register for a course (with and without signatures)
  • dates where you can withdraw from a course and still get at least a partial tuition refund
  • last date to withdraw from a course and get only a “W” on your transcript
  • date you are required to be still registered for a course to ‘earn’ your financial aid
  • due date for Certificate of Residence

All of these dates vary, depending on both the semester and the part of the semester of the specific course.

Many of these dates are for your benefit. Sometimes, it’s better to withdraw from a course rather than earn a poor grade. And if you don’t turn in a Certificate of Residence by the due date, your tuition will be doubled. If you register for a course too late, you may have missed critical course material and our job is to point out what you need to do to catch up.

Dates and deadlines are always posted on the college web site and you should check those dates regularly, whether you are having problems or not. Knowing those dates and deadlines may be helpful to someone else!

Check out the full list of dates and deadlines on the college web site here:

Questions about dates and deadlines? Check with your Academic Advisor!

Final Grades For Spring 2018

Genesee does not mail grades at the end of a semester.

Grades will be available inside myGCC/Genesis one to two business days after grades are due from faculty.

Grades are due from faculty at noon on Friday, May 18, which means that students should be able to see grades at some point on Tuesday, May 22 — usually in the afternoon.

If you have never looked for your grades, our help desk site does have instructions on how to find your grades.

Questions about the grade itself (or about any missing grades) should be sent to the instructor.

Students who have holds (for tuition payment, overdo library books or other reasons) will not be able to see their grades. Click on the Holds link in Banner Self Service to find a phone number to call, to see what you need to do in order to clear up the hold.

Testing Center Hours for Finals Week

The Testing Center in Batavia will be open the following hours for May 14 – 18

  • Monday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am – 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am – 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am – 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Remember that Photo ID is REQUIRED and that seats are first come-first served. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Campus center hours will be different; contact the campus center directly to verify their Testing hours.