Getting Technical Help

While you are a student at Genesee, you will be required to use a number of different forms of technology. While we make an effort to keep it relatively simple, that doesn’t always work.

When you have problems with a computer, a couple of things you can try in most situations:

  • try working in another browser; if you’re using Chrome, try Firefox or Internet Explored
  • clear cache; if you don’t know how, there is information on clearing cache and cookies on our Help Desk web site

If that doesn’t do it, we have online, in person, email and phone options.

help desk logoOnline

Go to the Help Desk web site and use the search feature to try to find an answer. Problems and questions common to GCC are on that site.

In Person

Computer Services staff work in the Open Computer Lab (T207) of the Batavia Campus. Staff there will assist you with most problems (although we cannot help you with many problems related to personal computing devices). The staff there can reset passwords on the spot, assist you with Blackboard navigation and refer you to other staff on campus as needed.


Send an email to and someone from Computer Services will get back to you. That email is watched closely from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday and occasionally on the weekend.

During the work week, we’ll get back to you within a short time to help you as we can. On the weekend, we may not get back to you until Monday, depending on your problem.

Because we really don’t know who you are from an email address, we will not give out username or password information through email. We will refer you to the phone option for that.


The Help Center phone is 1-866-614-5004 — PRESS 1 — and the staff there will verify who you are (birth date and address) and help you get logged in. If you’re in front of a computer when you call, they will walk you through logging in and wait to make sure the login worked.



Tutoring and Proctored Testing


The college has an array of free tutoring services available to assist all students.

Tutoring in the summer may be slightly limited, but assistance is still available. You simply need to ask!

  • In Batavia, go to the Tutoring Center (D207) and talk to the staff there about getting help.
  • At a campus center, talk to the staff in the office about what kind of help you may need and they will help find you a tutor.
  • Online, check the online tutoring options that will be listed.

Summer sessions fly by, so check for assistance the moment you think you might need help. In fact, if you’re taking a subject that you know you will need help with, schedule that first tutoring appointment now, before summer classes even start!

Proctored Testing

testing logoSome online courses will require you to take proctored tests. Check your syllabus carefully for testing requirements, and ask questions of your instructor.

Ask those questions now, if you are at a distance from Genesee and will need to make special arrangements for proctored testing.

In Batavia and at the Campus Centers, hours are set up for proctored testing. Information on testing hours is on the college web site and updated regularly. Be aware that you need proper identification to take a test.

Also, plan your time properly. You need to be finished with your test by the time the location closes. The staff will not be allowed to let you stay beyond the scheduled closing time.

Another good idea is to call ahead, especially to campus centers, to confirm the testing hours.

myGCC? What’s that?

You may have noticed at the top of the college web site, that the link to Genesis now says “myGCC/Genesis”

mygcc link

And, in fact, that the familiar Genesis logo has been replaced.

Genesis logo

has been replaced by:

myGCC logo

Genesis has been our portal for a number of years now, and it’s more than time to update the information, add new information and retire some things that really are no longer important.

The new look is also more accessible to users who need to use screen readers or assistive technology to use our web site.

Students should see new pages inside Genesis now, faculty will see new information in July and all other employees will see new information starting in August.

We’d love to hear from you, to tell us what you think. Please send an email to and tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what’s missing, what we could do better!

Dates and Deadlines

Calendar iconIn any semester — a full 16 week semester or a shortened 5 week Winter semester — there are a wide variety of dates and deadlines that students should know something about.

This is just a sample of the dates you should be aware of:

  • tuition due dates
  • last day to register for a course (with and without signatures)
  • dates where you can withdraw from a course and still get at least a partial tuition refund
  • last date to withdraw from a course and get only a “W” on your transcript
  • date you are required to be still registered for a course to ‘earn’ your financial aid
  • due date for Certificate of Residence

All of these dates vary, depending on both the semester and the part of the semester of the specific course.

Many of these dates are for your benefit. Sometimes, it’s better to withdraw from a course rather than earn a poor grade. And if you don’t turn in a Certificate of Residence by the due date, your tuition will be doubled. If you register for a course too late, you may have missed critical course material and our job is to point out what you need to do to catch up.

Dates and deadlines are always posted on the college web site and you should check those dates regularly, whether you are having problems or not. Knowing those dates and deadlines may be helpful to someone else!

Check out the full list of dates and deadlines on the college web site here:

Questions about dates and deadlines? Check with your Academic Advisor!

Open Computer Lab Hours – Summer Session 1

The Open Computer Lab is found in room T207 of the Batavia Campus.

In that space are computers and printers for students to be able to complete assignments needed for classes. The computers have Office, internet access and all software required by instructors.

The Open Lab is also home of the “Laptop Zone” — where anyone with a laptop is welcome to use the space. There is plenty of desk space to spread out on and there are electrical and USB outlets to help charge any device. There is also wireless printing capabilities.

Hours for the Open Computer Lab for summer session 1 — May 29 through June 29

  • Monday through Friday — 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday – closed

The Open Computer Lab will be closed July 2 through July 6 (July 4 is the observed holiday and College buildings will be closed).

Questions about the Open Computer Lab can be sent to Jennifer Ross (

Final Grades For Spring 2018

Genesee does not mail grades at the end of a semester.

Grades will be available inside myGCC/Genesis one to two business days after grades are due from faculty.

Grades are due from faculty at noon on Friday, May 18, which means that students should be able to see grades at some point on Tuesday, May 22 — usually in the afternoon.

If you have never looked for your grades, our help desk site does have instructions on how to find your grades.

Questions about the grade itself (or about any missing grades) should be sent to the instructor.

Students who have holds (for tuition payment, overdo library books or other reasons) will not be able to see their grades. Click on the Holds link in Banner Self Service to find a phone number to call, to see what you need to do in order to clear up the hold.

About Passwords

It’s important to know that Passwords expire every 180 days. Twice a year.

That 180 day counter starts from the last time you’ve reset your password. Reset your password today and it’s good for another six months!

You should get a reminder in your Genesee email about 10 days before the password expires, but never wait for that. Plan to change your password and you should never be locked out!

To reset your password, go to the password reset utility:

If you have a password, use the SIGN IN option and you will be able to reset your password.

While you’re there, do the Enrollment tab so you can set up security questions. With the security questions, you can reset your password whenever you have problems.

More information on the password reset utility and setting up your security questions can be found on our help desk web site here:

Questions about the utility can be sent to However, the folk there will not reset a password — we really don’t know who you are from a non-Genesee email address. In that case, you would need to call the help center at 1-866-614-5004 — PRESS 1 — and the folk there will verify who you are and help you get logged in.

MS Office for Home Use

Faculty, staff and students are eligible to use Microsoft Office 2016 on their home computers, while affiliated with Genesee Community College.

Office 2016 is the standard software for the college; instructors will be expecting students to submit documents in Word format.

This is a free license on up to 5 personal devices (both PC and Mac!) for your convenience. You manage the licensing all online.

Full instructions on how to access the software are available on our Help Desk web site here: (opens in a new window)

If you find you need your password for that site reset, please be patient. That is a manual process that we have to do for you. Calling the Help Desk number will not work; the staff there do not have access to resetting that password. If you make a password reset request on the weekend or in the middle of the night, we may not get right to that. But a new password will be sent to your Genesee email the next business day.

Questions about the Office software can be sent to