Summer Registration FAQs

Q: I’m interested in attending Genesee for just the summer. Where do I start?

A: You need to apply to the college. Go to our “non-matriculated” application form which is located here: 

You will need to send in the Signature Page (available here: ) and submit that to complete the application process.


Q: How much do your summer courses cost?

A: Tuition is currently $140 per credit hour, plus fees, for New York State residents. The cost is $160 per credit hour if you are not a NY state resident. To see the actual cost, use the cost calculator available here:


Q: I’m interested in taking a specific class. Will it transfer back to my home college?

A: That’s not a question we can answer for you. You need to talk to an academic advisor at your home college to verify that the course you want to take will transfer. We strongly recommend you do that before registering for any classes. In the meantime, you may want to check out this website for course transfer equivalencies from various institutions:


Q: I need to know more about a course I’m looking to take. Where can I get more information?

A: Start with the online catalog here: Select the Summer semester and then the course you are looking for more information about.

If that’s not enough information for your home institution, you can send an email to the instructor and ask if he or she has a course syllabus available for you to share with your academic advisor.


Q: Do I need to do a Residency Form?

A: In order to receive the NY State tuition rate, yes. If you do not submit the Residency Form you will charged double tuition. You will be sent a form with your bill but the form is available here:


Q: Can I get financial aid for summer classes?

A: If you are attending another institution in the spring and plan to return there in the fall, you must talk to the Financial Aid Office in your home institution.

Eligibility for financial aid for summer does not have a simple answer and will vary from person to person. We recommend you talk to your home institution first then check with Genesee’s Financial Aid Office for additional assistance.


Q: I just found out that I cannot attend the summer class I have already registered for. What do I need to do?

A: If the class has not started, you can log in to GenESIS and drop the class with no penalty.

 If the class has started, even if you have never attended a class session, you are responsible for at least part of the tuition. Liability is outlined here:

 If you need assistance with dropping a class, contact an Academic Advisor. A list of Advisors can be found here:


Q: How do I register for summer classes?

A: Once you have completed the Admissions process you will be sent a GenESIS username and password. That will allow you to log in to GenESIS and register online.

If you have problems with logging in to GenESIS, you can contact Genesee’s Help Desk at 1-866-614-5004, which is toll free and available 24 x 7.


Q: I’m trying to register online and when I try to register I get a message about “TEST SCORE ERROR” or “PRE-REQ ERROR” . What can I do?

A: The class you are attempting to register for has specific prerequisites and the system does not know if you have met them. You need to contact a Genesee academic advisor for assistance in completing the registration process. For a list of advisors, look here:

If you will be taking an online class, you can contact our Distance Learning advisor, Judie Littlejohn at


Q: I’ve just found out that I need to take a class this summer but it’s already started. Can I register late?

A: Depends on how “late” you are.

If the class has met more than two times, you most likely will not be able to register.If you are only 1 or 2 days past the start of a class that meets at a campus, you should contact an Advisor and/or the instructor of the course to determine how much you have missed and if you can make it up.

Genesee does not allow late registration for online classes. If it is after May 31, you will not be allowed to register an online class.


Q: I am a parent. Do you offer day care?

A: At the Batavia Campus, yes. The Child Care Center is open in the summer for pre-school age children. Check out the information on the Center and their rates here:

 There may be assistance with the cost of Child Care in the summer. You need to talk to the staff about eligibility and what is available.

 There is no on-campus day care at the campus centers.


Q: How do I transfer credits from Genesee to my home institution?

A: You need to request an official transcript be sent from Genesee directly to your home institution. There is a $5 fee and the application form is here:

You do not have to wait until the end of the summer to submit this application. Submit it now and indicate to “hold for grades” on the form. As soon as possible after grades are available at the end of the summer, the transcript will be sent.


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