Do I Need a Computer?

Yes and No.

In taking classes at Genesee, you will be using a computer to communicate with faculty and classmates, as well as to complete homework assignments. So, yes, you will be using a computer.

However, Genesee has a strong computer lab and Library environment and has numerous computers available for you to be able to do your work. So, No, you will not be required to purchase a computer while at Genesee.

If you are looking to purchase a computer, here are some things to look for.

Genesee is largely a Microsoft Windows environment. Most courses that are taught in computer labs (everything from English to Computers to Office Technology to Accounting) use the Microsoft Windows operating system; the exception are courses in the Digital Art program lab that use MacIntosh computers.

If you are in a computer-related program, Engineering or Digital Design you may want to contact an instructor in one of those programs to discuss what kind of a computer would be best for you. For most students, a standard computer that is readily available from ‘big box’ stores is sufficient to support your computing needs. Genesee is laptop friendly and all campuses are wireless.

Also see the separate help desk article about Chromebooks.

Can I Use My Laptop in Class?

The answer to that question is strictly up to your instructor. We recommend that you ask your instructor if he/she has any problems with using your laptop in class. Most instructors will allow you to use your computer, but they may have restrictions (not during a test, as an example) that you will need to follow. Some instructors will not allow you to use your computer and their decision is final.

What software do I Need?

Faculty will expect you to have some type of word processor software. You will need to be able to create documents in RTF or DOC format but you do not need to have Microsoft Office (Word) to do that. All word processing software will allow you to save in Rich Text Format (RTF) through a File > Save As process.

If you have a computer with the Windows operating system, you will generally have Microsoft Works installed at no additional cost. The word processing portion of Works easily allows you to save documents created in Works to the RTF and DOC format, but you do have to remember to do that since it is not the default option.

Genesee makes Microsoft Office software directly available to students. Check out Microsoft Office for Home Use for special offers directly from Microsoft.

Many instructors use My Courses/Blackboard to make course materials available online to students. You only need a browser to access My Courses/Blackboard, which is found inside myGCC.

Some courses will have course specific software that you will need to purchase. Any software that you need to purchase is generally packaged with a textbook and will be available through the College Bookstore.

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