About Passwords

It’s important to know that Passwords expire every 180 days. Twice a year.

That 180 day counter starts from the last time you’ve reset your password. Reset your password today and it’s good for another six months!

You should get a reminder in your Genesee email about 10 days before the password expires, but never wait for that. Plan to change your password and you should never be locked out!

To reset your password, go to the password reset utility: https://pwreset.genesee.edu

If you have a password, use the SIGN IN option and you will be able to reset your password.

While you’re there, do the Enrollment tab so you can set up security questions. With the security questions, you can reset your password whenever you have problems.

More information on the password reset utility and setting up your security questions can be found on our help desk web site here: http://hd.genesee.edu/password-reset-utility/

Questions about the utility can be sent to helpdesk@genesee.edu. However, the folk there will not reset a password — we really don’t know who you are from a non-Genesee email address. In that case, you would need to call the help center at 1-866-614-5004 — PRESS 1 — and the folk there will verify who you are and help you get logged in.


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