2018 Scholars’ Symposium Winners

2018 Scholars’ Symposium Winners

  • Award for Excellence in Computer Science–Cameron Bennage “In a Game of Battleship, Can The Computer Be Better Than You?
  • Award for Most Global in Perspective–Airi Hayasaka “Otaku–The Differences in Otaku Culture Between Japan and the U.S.”
  • Award for Most Global in Perspective–Miranda Schiller “What Is Home?”
  • Award for Excellence in Sustainability David Fenn, Timothy Frew, Gaia Fukuzato, Andrea Kirsch, Stacy Mullett, Anthony Nickel, Kera Pfieffer, Christian Pierre-Louis, Meghan Potter, Maura Rogers, Jacy Sero, Timoty Slivinski, Summer Storms, Javin Williams, “Sustainable Still Life”
  • Award for Photographic Artistic Excellence–Kasey Edgerton “Visions of You”
  • Award for Excellence in Mental Health–Amanda Pahuta “Unflattening My Prison”
  • Award for Excellence in Teaching & Education Xochitl Rosario “Communication with Infants, Toddlers, and Adolescents”
  • Award for Best Poster–“Back Pain? Maybe Your  Backpack  is to Blame” Breda Castaneda, Norbert Ortiz-Perez, Casey M. Swartz and Laura Whitcroft
  • GSA Award–Cole Rogers “I ______You; My Generation”
  • Award for Excellence in Creativity–Cole Rogers”I ______You; My Generation”
  • Award for Best Oral Presentation–Cameron Bennage “In a Game of Battleship, Can The Computer Be Better Than You?

Award for Overall Academic Excellence is sponsored by the Creative Writing Club

  • Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice–Jamie E. Englerth “Solitary Confinement: Is it a Necessary Evil?”
  • John Gardner Literary Award–Alexis Hackmer “A Dark Light”
  • Excellence in Literary Arts–Brock Nahalka “Luck of the Draw”
  • Excellence in Poetry–Cole Rogers “I ______You; My Generation”
  • Excellence in Narrative–Kasey Edgerton “Visions of You”
  • Excellence in Craft & Form–Anna Lena Adams “What is Art”
  • Judges’ Choice–Amanda Pahuta “Unflattening My Prison”

Thank you to everyone for making the Scholars’ Symposium a success!


JoNelle Toriseva & Scholars’ symposium Committee

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