5th Annual Creativity Conference


Please join us for our 5th Annual Creativity Conference on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 from 8:15-2:30pm.

This year the theme is “Creativity and Entrepreneurship….” where we will hear inspiring stories from numerous entrepreneurs in industries ranging from special effects, chocolates, photography, tattoos, and hospitality to name just a few.

Please encourage students to attend as well so they can glimpse the opportunity in fields they may have an interest in.

Keynote Speaker:       Erica Swiatek, President of Innovate Faster

Innovative entrepreneur, educator, and consultant Erica Swiatek talk about how she has applied Creative Thinking in building her business – and run an Escape Room experience on campus!

We will also have numerous workshops led by innovative entrepreneurs throughout the GLOW region: 

  • Rashaad Santiago: Special Effects/Makeup Artist and Winner of 2011 reality show “Face Off”
  • Trace George: President/CEO of VSP Graphic Group that designs logos for the Buffalo Bills & Buffalo Sabres, and a GCC Alum
  • Sue Fuller: Owner of Della’s Chocolates in Medina
  • Shawn Ramsey: Tattoo artist and Owner of Canalside Tattoo in Medina
  • Leslie Zink Ward & Geoff Dale: Owners of Lovin Cup & Three Heads will co-lead a session
  • Maureen Spindler:  Owner of The Village Photographer and our own MarCom photographer
  • Rhonda Parker: Writer/Director and Owner of Beaver Alley Studios Inc.
  • And many more!

Please look for additional details at:  http://www.genesee.edu/home/events/creativity-conference/

Conference cost for all GCC faculty, staff and students is $25.  There is an additional cost of $15 to participate in The Escape Room breakout.

To Register: 

  • Supervisor Approval is required for faculty and staff to attend, using the attached form.  This completed form must be submitted to The BEST Center.
  • Students should register in the MSCE office.


Don’t miss this event!  Leo will be there to celebrate his 566th birthday with us!


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