Warning about Scam (Phishing) Emails

Recently, a phishing scam at SUNY at Buffalo tricked a number of students into revealing financial information and diverting tuition refunds to unknown persons. While we are not currently aware of a similar attempt at Genesee, you do need to pay attention to all email that come to your inbox. To that end, there are a number of good practices you should follow.

When in Doubt, Don’t

Don’t just click on a link or give out personal information until you look twice at the link and/or the site URL. If it looks at all odd, don’t use the link in your email. Instead manually type the URL and see if you end up in the same place. Manually typing the URL is the best way to verify a website or link. If you don’t end up in the same place, the message may have been an attempt to steal your information.

Use Complex Passwords and Update Regularly

You will be reminded to update your Genesee password every 6 months – that’s to help protect you!

To update your GCC password –

  • Go to the college web site, then to Genesis.
  • Look for the link to “Update an Existing Password”.
  • Do the SIGN IN option and update your password.
  • Set up the Security questions so you can reset your password on your own! (REMEMBER to update all of the passwords in your mobile devices.)


Forward any message you might be suspicious of to helpdesk@genesee.edu and we’ll be glad to take a look at it for you.

If you have other questions, please feel free to email the helpdesk@genesee.edu.



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