Password Security Question Setup

If you  have not needed to change your password lately, you have not seen our new Password Reset tool.

It’s located at

If you know your password, you can use the “Sign In” option and check it out.

When you’re in there, click on the Enrollment tab at the top and set up your personal security questions. You need to use 2 of our questions and write one of your own.

For security questions, your answers must have at least 6 characters… that can be frustrating if you choose the question What is your favorite color and your favorite color is blue…  You need a favorite color more like purple or vermillion!

But there are enough different questions to let you set that up… then when (and not if!) you have password problems, you can use the “Forgot password” link on that screen… you answer 2 of the questions you have set up, and then you are offered a chance to update your password.

Once you update your password here, this will update your Genesis, email and computer password, all at the same time!

Check it out!

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