Christina Irene Empowerment – Inspiration – Humor

Just a friendly reminder that it is not too late to have your students sign up.
She will be presenting in T219 and broadcasting to the campus centers.
This is a presentation all our students need to hear and experience.

GREETINGS Colleagues!
Christina is going to be here at GCC on March 24th. She will be presenting in our Leadership Certificate Program series at 12:30pm. She would also like to present in your class. She is versed on a variety of topics. You can check her out on her website at:

If interested in a classroom presentation, please give me a shout and I’ll arrange that. If you are interested in the common hour presentation, please send your students to SA to sign up. Thanks,

Christina Irene

Empowerment / Inspiration / Humor


Speaker and educator, Christina Irene offers a variety of programs from keynote speeches to breakout sessions. She specializes in women’s empowerment and disability awareness (“invisible illness” focus), as well as creative workshops. With experience as a classroom teacher and a as stand-up comedian, Christina creates interactive, fun, and profoundly meaningful programs. She’s an excellent choice for college audiences and also ideal for corporate and community events.



Cliff Scutella
Director of Student Activities
Genesee Community College
One College Road
Batavia, New York 14020
585-343-0055, x6261
585-345-6843 (FAX)

adaptability… arranger… responsibility… positivity… includer

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