Office Technology Club

The Office Technology Club proudly presents a community event to help My Sister’s Club at the YWCA in Batavia.

Women’s & Children’s Clothing
Fall is here! Why not clean out the closets and help someone in need at the same time?
Genesee Community College Office Technology Club is seeking donations. You can drop them off either with Ms. Jean Chenu on the 2nd floor Room D281 or with Jessica Caryl ( day for collections will be October 14! All clothing will be donated to My Sister’s Closet. Help be a part of reaching out to our community. Thank you in advance for any donations and support. Any further questions, you can reach Jean Chenu at 585-343-0055 Ext. 6324

Tips for getting rid of clothes:
• If it doesn’t fit, GET RID OF IT!

• If it’s uncomfortable to wear i.e. too short, too tight, it needs to go.

• It is hard to let go of a piece of clothing, but what value does it have to you sitting there? What’s the point of being emotionally connected to clothing?

• If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, you probably never will.

• Think—you might be getting more clothes with the holidays vastly approaching as gifts! You’re going to need room for     those new clothes. Also, think of all of the sales on clothes that will be happening during the holidays that you can snag!

• Don’t just go after shirts and jeans! This goes for EVERY ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU OWN– Loungewear, hoodies, dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry, work clothes, jackets, cardigans

• If it has stains or rips/tears on it, throw it out—don’t donate. Unless it is a fixable tear on a seam that someone could sew.

• Kids go through clothes so quick because they grow like weeds! They won’t fit in them again. Help a parent that can’t afford new clothes for every stage of their child’s life. They will appreciate it! If you think you will save them for a future child, you only need a couple to keep if any. You will most likely receive a ton of new outfits from friends and family at the baby shower that your child would probably grow out of before it even gets a chance to wear!

Happy Fall Cleaning and Thanks for the Donations!

Jean M. Chenu
Associate Professor
Office Technology
Genesee Community
One College Road
Batavia, NY 14020
585.343.0055, Ext. 6324


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