Virtual Business Trade Fair !

YOU are invited to attend the
ACE Programs and Genesee Community College
Virtual Business Trade Fair
 Tuesday, March 19
10:00 a.m. -11:45 a.m.
In the Forum
There will be Virtual movies, music, vacations, footwear, concert tickets, and much more.
Receive $10,000 worth of virtualmerchandise for FREE.
Lots of REAL give-aways too!!!
As you enter the Trade Fair, you will be given $10,000 on a VIRTUAL credit card to spend, and students from the 8 companies will try to get you to buy their products.  Participating this year are students from Batavia, Dansville, Elba, Livonia, Lyndonville, Pavilion, and Wayland-Cohocton).
Virtual Business
is a program in which students learn and apply all aspects of running a business from designing a business plan to market, sales, payroll, taxes, etc. and it is all done virtually.  We invite EVERYONE to attend this Trade Fair to help support the participating schools. At the end of the day, companies will get to deposit all the virtual income they receive into their virtual bank account which will help their business continue.  At the end of the event there will be awards given to the companies with the most receipts, the most number of transactions, the best booth, the best marketing strategies and best salesmanship. 
Debbie Dunlevy
Career Pathways Program Director
Genesee Community College
One College Road
Batavia, NY  14020
Phone: (585) 343-0055 ext. 6316
Fax: (585) 345-6881

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