Leadership Development Workshop

This is a workshop for students scheduled during the week they return from Spring Break.  If you could please help us inform students about this and encourage them to Sign Up soon in Student Activities, we’d appreciate it!  Thank You! 


Leadership Development Workshop

Essentials of Interpersonal Communications

Thursday, March 21st



Jackie Di Bella – Humanities

“The life we live is a contact sport.”  We will never know just who we will meet on our journey and the role they might play in our academics, career or life.  This workshop will explore the role interpersonal communication plays in our life and how it affects the nature and development of all relationships.  Knowledge is power!  The more knowledgeable you are about interpersonal communication the more effective you will be as a communicator with the opposite gender and a diverse group of individuals.  Workshop exercises will be included to comprehend the essentials of interpersonal communication. 


Remember to SIGN UP ahead of time in the Student Activities Office if you plan to attend!




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For more info on the Leadership Certificate Program: http://www.genesee.edu/campuslife/students/leadership/


Download a list of ALL Spring 2013 Workshops! http://www.genesee.edu/assets/file/studentactivities/Leadership%20Workshops.pdf


Questions?  Contact Student Activities at SA@genesee.edu



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