Transferring to a SUNY Four-Year Institution Application Information

SUNY Undergraduate Application

If a student graduates from a SUNY Community College with an AS, AA, AAS or AAA and transfer directly to a SUNY four-year institution (Brockport, Buffalo State, Cortland, etc) the fee is waived for a maximum of 4 schools. That is—if they only apply to one college, they’ve saved $50, if they apply to the maximum 4 schools they’ve saved $200.

The key stipulation is that they can’t have taken ANY courses between completing the AS, AA, AAS, AA and beginning at the four-year school. If they do then the waiver is voided.

So….if you look below…sorry it is somewhat difficult to read.

You will see that this student applied to Buffalo State and Fredonia. The amount “due” is $100 (2x$50). But if you look closely at the line which says in blue “Select a payment method” and just to the right of that is a statement which reads “Transfer Fee Waiver for Qualified Applicants”. That line is actually a selection in a drop down menu with choices for “credit card” “mail in payment” “hardship waiver” AND “Transfer Fee Waiver for Qualified Applicants”

The student chooses the “Transfer Fee Waiver for Qualified Applicants” and submits the application. You will also see in bold RED font a brief description of the policy. I did confirm that it does include the AAS and AAA degree also, not just the AS and AA degrees, despite the fact that it is written that way.

But a student says “I’m applying in January and I haven’t yet earned an AS degree. How can I choose that option?”

SUNY understands that students apply BEFORE the AS, AA, AAS, AAA has been earned. The key is the “intended graduation date” and intended “enrollment date”.
If the student drops out before earning the degree but still plans to transfer to the 4-year SUNY school—-they will be getting a bill. SUNY will found out the student never earned the AS, AA, AAS, AAA degree.

Contact Patrick Walter ( if you have questions.


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