Employee and Student of the Month!

To the College Community,
It is my pleasure to announce the Employee and Student of the Month for December:  Derek Maxfield is our Employee of the Month and Samantha Vogt is the Student of the Month.
Derek’s work with the Civil War initiative has been outstanding.  He has brought his passion for the topic to his lectures and to all the activities that he has helped to organize such as the Civil War Encampment in Lima last year, the Lincoln Exhibit on display in the Library in October, and the visit to campus by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Dr. Eric Foner.  All of these activities and events have brought more than 1200 people to Genesee as well as recognition for the College from both within and outside the GLOW region. 
Samantha is an outstanding student who is highly active in the college community through the Fashion program (she is a current blogger), as a member of the Cougarettes, Toastmaster’s International, and recently as the Student Trustee, to name a few of her activities.  In all of her activities, Samantha presents herself in the most professional manner and brings a high attention to detail and excellent organizational ability to the activities.  She goes well above and beyond expectations and she does all of this while maintaining an outstanding GPA. 
Please join me in extending congratulations to both Derek and Samantha.  They bring great credit to our college community.

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