CougarKin is Here!

This is the new E-Newsletter targeted specifically to the family members and friends of our students. Approximately three issues will be sent per academic year, and occasionally special bulletins will emailed as needed. If you or anyone you know would like to be added to the CougarKin email list,
please send email addresses to:
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Welcome to the Premiere Edition of CougarKin!
A message from GCC President Dr. James Sunser
We’re excited to launch this new digital venture and eager to welcome you and your family member into our GCC family. I, too, started at a community college much like GCC, and I can still remember the fears, hopes and dreams I had when I began my college journey.
In each edition of CougarKin, we hope to share stories, schedules, academic tips and other information to help you and your student appreciate and enjoy all the opportunities at GCC. We also hope to illustrate how each class, lab, department and GCC employee is dedicated to your student’s success, and how we strive, each and every day, to exceed your expectations.
Please let me know how we’re doing and feel free to share your experiences and suggestions for future editions of CougarKin.
Jim Sunser
Genesee Community College
Anti-Stress Tips
The end of the semester is near and that could mean major stress for your student.
Check out these hot tips for keeping your cool.
Play! – Take time to put the books down and get outside and kick or toss a ball or stay in and challenge your friends to a game of Draw Something or Words With Friends. Even raking a few leaves and jumping in them relieves stress!
Write! – Keep a personal journal and jot whatever comes to mind – release your anger/fear/joy!
Fuel up! – Protein bars, energy shakes, fruit juice, water, a handful of nuts are all good sources or protein instead of sugar, which can lead you to crash.
Description: Didja Know?

 Rock superstars Aerosmith played at GCC in   1974, and student tickets were just one  dollar.
Stay abreast of all GCC’s news and headlining stories by adding this link to your ‘favorites.’
2012 Genesee Community College •

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