November Employee and Student of the Month

November 13, 2012
To the College Community:
It is my pleasure to announce that Tom Kinsey has been selected our November Employee of the Month and Taylor Schutt has been chosen the Student of the Month.
Tom has been an outstanding employee since joining the GCC staff.  He eagerly accepted the task of learning the Banner system and has now become an integral member of the technical staff that many others rely on for accurate and time sensitive information.  He created the entire database used by College Village to track information which has allowed the staff there to retrieve information that they never could access before.  Tom serves on just about every technical committee known at the College, and his contributions to the GSI project are to be commended and praised. 
Taylor has made exceptional contributions to Genesee’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.  She currently serves as co-vice president for the organization.  She has helped to make presentations at the teaching area meetings on the C-4 initiative and helped design shirts, flyers, and tickets for the Walk for a Cure project.  In addition to all of this, plus maintaining an excellent academic record, Taylor also works part-time outside of the College.  She serves as an outstanding role model for her peers.
Please join me in extending congratulations to Tom and Taylor.

,Office of the President

James M. Sunser, Ed.D.


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