How to Select Refund Check Location

The Business Office is pleased to announce that there is now a way for students to easily select which campus center location they would like to have any refund checks sent to for pick up.  To designate their choice, students may follow these easy instructions:
  • Log into their Genesis account
  • Click on the “Student Info” Tab
  • Click on “Student Records Information Menu”
  • Click on “Where to Send my Refund Check”
  • Select the campus center locationof their choice and scroll down to submit the survey.
If no location is selected, all checks will remain in Batavia for pick up.  Students can no longer contact the Business Office to request that their checks be sent to different locations.  All requests must be made through the student’s Genesis account. 
As a reminder, the next main financial aid refund date is Monday, November 12th.  Students should be sure to choose your campus center location by Friday, November 2nd to ensure prompt delivery.  It is also important for students to be attending classes in order to maintain eligibility for Federal financial aid and student loans.  The Business Office will be verifying attendance prior to releasing any refund checks.
If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 585-343-0055 ext. 6212 or

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