Cancellation Information for GCC


In the case of inclement weather causing delays, cancellations, and/or closings,first proceed to the Genesee Community College web site for accurate and up-to-date informationAs a secondary source of information, public announcements will be made on TV and radio stations which are listed below. 
Please note:  Each Campus may make independent decisions depending upon local situations and conditions.
      WBTA AM 1490                                 Batavia
                                                                WBEN AM 930                                   Buffalo
                                                                WTSS FM 102.5                                 “
                                                                WKSE FM 98.5                                   “
                                                                WGR AM 550                                     “
                                                                WGRZ-TV Channel 2                       Buffalo
                                                                WHAM AM 1180                               Rochester
                                                                The Drive FM 100.5                          ”
                                                                Kiss FM 106.7                                     ”
                                                                Sunny 102.3                                       “
                                                                Snap 107.3                                         “
                                                                Hot Talk AM 1280                             “
                                                                The Fox 95.1                                      “
                                                                WHAM TV Channel 13                   Rochester
                                                                WCJW AM 1140                                Warsaw
                                                                WYSL AM 1040                                  Livonia
                                                                WDNY AM 1400                                Dansville
                                                                WSPQ AM 1330                                 Springville 
 For more info, contact:
Marilyn C. Dickinson
Academic Assistant to the
   Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Genesee Community College
One College Road
Batavia, NY  14020
585.345.6810 (Fax)
* Arranger * Achiever * Input * Activator * Learner *

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