Employee and Student of the Month

The State University of New York
MEMORANDUM                                         Office of the President….
TO:                             College Community
FROM:                       James Sunser
DATE:                        April 12, 2012
RE:                             April Employee and Student of the Month
It is my pleasure to announce that Lisa Mazur has been selected our Employee of the Month and Joan Nobile has been chosen the Student of the Month. 
Lisa is the primary contract for Accounts Payable in the Business Office.  As such, on a daily basis, she works with many different departments and people throughout the College, as well as with vendors.  Even during stressful times, Lisa is helpful, courteous, and willing to go the extra mile.  She also assists on the student side of the Business Office functions as well.  Lisa consistently exhibits these same qualities when working with students and she always acts with the highest degree of professionalism.
Joan is the ultimate volunteer and is active in all phases of Campus Life:  Student Activities, Residence Life, clubs, government, and programming.  She wants everyone to enjoy the experience at hand.  She is an outstanding student in the classroom where she is a top performer.  She is a member of the honors program and has an excellent academic record.
Please join me in extending congratulations to Lisa and Joan.   

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