Apple Devices and Wireless

At least we’re in good company. The links I have for you are from Princeton University who has done the research on this problem.

Apple devices, including but not limited to iTouch, iPhone, iPod and iPads, have a problem with connecting to ‘open’ wireless connections like the Genesee wireless.

If you know what DHCP is, skip the next paragraph.

What happens is that every time a wireless device connects to a network, it’s issued an “IP address” which tells the internet how to send information to the device. Since your wireless device isn’t permanently on the network, you’re issued a temporary IP address that will expire in a certain length of time.

What happens, especially in older iOS devices, is that the temporary address expires but the device doesn’t ‘forget’ it. But the system ‘makes’ the device get a new IP address which means that now the device has more than one IP address assigned to it. It doesn’t initially affect the device but it does affect the system since there are a finite number of temporary IP addresses and we run out of them too quickly if the devices don’t give them back. The bottom line is that at some point new devices cannot connect to the internet because there are no more temporary IP addresses available.

Princeton writes about it here:

Not something we want to do, but if you have a ‘badly behaving’ iOS device that chronically hogs IP addresses, we may blacklist your device.Which means you won’t be able to access the internet using the GCC wireless network from your device.

Our suggestion is to update your Apple operating system to the latest version. I’m not even going to try to tell you how to do that — if you need assistance, contact the local Apple store or wherever you  bought your device.

General information about iOS (again, courtesy of Princeton): — YMMV


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