Leadership Certificate – Keynote Speaker

This was sent to all faculty and staff but you’re welcome to self-identify. The Leadership Certificate Program is open to all students. Contact me or Cliff Scutella (cmscutella@genesee.edu) if you want to sign up.


We, Student Activities, need your help in identifying students who can benefit from our Leadership Certificate Program. This program was designed to assist in the preparation of our students for the vast opportunities that will be afforded to them as they embark on their career journeys. It helps them learn more about themselves and their ability to relate to others while embracing their responsibility inherent to being a good citizen both locally and globally.


We plan on kicking the program off with a keynote speaker, Dion Jordan, on Tuesday, September 27th, from 1pm to 2pm in T102.We are hoping that you might extend some encouragement to your students to attend. Any and all consideration would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a flyer — leadership_speaker_2011 that might assist you in your persuasion.

I believe all our students can benefit from what Dion has to share whether they are your student in the classroom or a student worker in your office. Leadership is everywhere and the responsibility rests with everyone. Give them a break or some credit, but definitely give them the encouragement. Thanks,


Cliff Scutella


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