Wellie Award Winners

A picture of the winners of the first-ever Wellie Awards!


Financial Wellness

                Future Millionaire:  Beth Shambo

                Headed for Wall Street:  Tray Smith

                Financially Responsible: Chelsea Carrubba-Benson

Emotional Wellness

                Best Sense of Humor:  Jamie Hicks

                Best Couple:  Iasiah Jones and Anthony Wagner

                Strong Woman: Kristen Brockway

                Strong Man: Caleb Nicodemus

Academic Wellness

                Thinks Outside the Box: Ashley Burek

                Dedicated to their Future: Carrie Dylag

                Most Studious: Karama Luhiso

Physical Wellness

                Most Likely to Go Pro: Kristy Laurie

                Future Top Model: Ebony Reece

                Most Physically Fit: Jessie Polanco

Social Wellness

                Most Involved: Nana Gyesi

                Most Inspirational: Aggie Robinson

                Goes Green: Brandon Reiner

                Congeniality Award: Marion Smith


                Financial Wellness:  Barb Shine

                Emotional Wellness:  Rick Dudkowski

                Academic Wellness: Elaine Grazioplene

                Physical: Christie McGee

                Social Wellness:  Bobbie Noto

With two special awards also given

                Overall Wellness:  Dr. Stuart Steiner

                Right-Hand Man Award: Jamal Murphy for all his help with the Wellie Awards and all his work in the SHAG Student Club (Student Health Awareness Group)


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