Photos from Nobody Likes Mordacious (And That’s the Way He Likes It)

Check out these photos from Nobody Likes Mordacious, which will have one final public performance on Friday, March 25.

Forum Players Cast Members:

  • Tyler Eldred (Dansville, NY) as Chairman, the Narrator
  • Latoya Soloman (Rochester, NY) as Assistant to the Chairman and a utility player
  • Faith Horne  (Rochester, NY) as Orafu, a girl going on an adventure
  • Elizabeth Daniels (Albion, NY) Mother of Orafu
  • Bobby Steeves (Albion, NY) Father of Orafu and a utility player
  • Alex Farley (Pembroke, NY) Mordacious, a wicked fellow
  • Jamie Hicks (Sterling, NY) Madam Swizzle, a famous fighter of witches
  • Heather Hilderbrandt (Lockport, NY) Mordy’s Mother and a utility player
  • Alayna Zimbrick (Hilton, NY) Sailor One, and a Utility Player
  • Joanne Taheri (Clarence and Newfane, NY) Mad Maude, a vicious pirate, Sailor Two and a utility player
  • Alex Grayson (Watertown, NY), Captain Doodlesack, a ship commander
  • Patrick Dodge (Warsaw, NY) Genie , the Huge and Hairy Thing and a Utility Player
  • Ben Liebrand (Greece, NY)  Bloody Bernard, a vicious pirate
  • Nikkia Travis (Rochester, NY) Crazy Catherine, a vicious pirate captain
  • Trevlyn Henry (Bronx, NY) as a utility player.

To reserve tickets, contact the Box Office at or 585-345-6814, don’t forget BOGO! The Genesee Center for the Arts Box Office accepts cash, checks and now MasterCard and Visa credit cards.


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