Anna Leslie

Lima Campus Center’s Anna Leslie is a proud First Place recipient of Houghton College’s recently completed art scholarship competition. Her award of  $1000 was in the 16-18 year old bracket. Anna’s love of photography was evident in her digitally enhanced display titled “The Weigh, the Truth and the Light.” This piece features an old-fashioned scale that has created a shadow in the shape of an arrow on the wall. The picture emphasizes Anna’s faith tradition and philosophy for living.

 Anna plans to continue her education to follow her dream of working in film production/movie making. She has been participating in Campus Challenge, Houghton’s scholarship competition, since 2005. Over the years she has earned many first place prizes in art, as well as speech, drama, writing, and singing. In addition to entering photography pieces in Campus Challenge, Anna has also entered pieces in other competitions, earning a variety of awards. “I really enjoy photography,” Anna says. “I enjoy nature photography and the opportunity to enhance pictures with Adobe Photoshop. What I enjoy the most, however, is giving meaning to my work; creating something beautiful to get a point across.”


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